The Industrial Roll Log Saw can be incorporated into an existing rewinder line and is ideal for higher density logs. Available as a single-head, two-lane saw or a dual-head, four-lane saw that cuts jumbo toilet rolls and jumbo wound toweling.
Unit of Measure


Productivity (Two-Lane)

N/A Up to 75 clips/min

Productivity (Four-Lane)

N/A Up to 150 clips/min

Log Length

N/A 90" to 115"
2286 mm to 2921 mm
Under 90" (2286 mm) available
Up to 140" (3556 mm) available

Log Diameter Range

N/A 5.5" to 12" 140 to 305 mm

Clamping Range

N/A ±0.188" 4.7 mm Product Diameter Tolerance (within Log Diameter Range)

Core Diameter Range

N/A 1.5" to 3.3" 38 to 84 mm

Clip Length Range

N/A 3.5" to 12" 89 to 305 mm


N/A Up to 22 lb/ft³Up to 352 kg/m³

Minimum Blade Diameter

N/A 27" 686 mm

Maximum Blade Diameter

N/A 30" 762 mm

Grinding Dust Removal

N/A Optional System with Wet Scrubber