The 10" Orbital Log Saw can be configured as single-lane or dual-lane for multifold or singlefold banded product. Configurations available up to 270 clips per minute of banded product, and has trim capability.
Unit of Measure


Productivity (Single-Lane)

N/A Up to 135 clips/min

Productivity (Two-Lane)

N/A Up to 270 clips/min

Product Width

N/A Up to 5" Up to 127 mm

Log Length

N/A Any

Clip Length Range

N/A 3.5" to 12" 89 to 305 mm

Stack Height

N/A 0.5" to 8" 13 to 203 mm

Minimum Blade Diameter

N/A 19" 483 mm

Maximum Blade Diameter

N/A 24" 607 mm

Grinding Dust Removal

N/A Not Available