The ultimate in vacuum folding equipment paired with continuous-stream inkjet technology.
Unit of Measure



N/A ATOM is a perfect fit for the specialty print and short-run napkin markets. Our team of experts used a market-driven approach in the design of ATOM, resulting in a competitively-priced solution that provides the ideal combination of speed and versatility.

Single-Lane Web Width

N/A Up to 17" Up to 432 mm

Solid Color or Flexographic Speed

N/A Up to 1500 fpmUp to 457 mpm

Inkjet Print Speed at 600 x 400 Dots Per Inch (dpi)

N/A Up to 1450 fpmUp to 442 mpm

Inkjet Print Speed at 600 x 600 Dots Per Inch (dpi)

N/A Up to 1000 fpmUp to 305 mpm

Cut-off Range

N/A 11" to 13" 15" to 17" 8" to 10" 203 to 254 mm280 to 330 mm381 to 432 mm


N/A Air-Laid Bleached Double Recrepe (DRC) Kraft Non-Wovens and Other Structured Sheets Through-Air-Dry (TAD)


N/A Eighth-Fold M, V, C, Z, W and Others Quarter-Fold

Complementary Equipment


N/A Turret


N/A Open Nip (Wedge Blocks)


N/A ATOM Flexographic (Up to 4 Colors) Digital - CMYK Continuous Stream Inkjet


N/A Matched Steel Paper-to-Steel

Web Coating

N/A Single-sided


N/A Flat Pack Manual Tray


N/A Flat Pack Polywrapper